Fantastic Festivals becomes a division of Inspire Arts & Music

Effective December 22, 2020 the Fantastic Festivals company, founded in 2007 by Gary Partridge, became a division of Inspire Arts & Music. Gary Partridge will continue on into the future with Inspire Arts & Music as the Director of Fantastic Festivals.

Over 14 years, Fantastic Festivals has grown in size hosting over 225 groups and 6,700 students annually. Founded on the principles of the highest quality of adjudication, facilities, logistics, and experience, Fantastic Festivals is one of the premier scholastic festival experiences in New England. Inspire Arts & Music is honored and excited about the opportunity to ensure long term sustainability for this special company and is committed to safeguarding the brand and experience for students and music educators. 

Gary Partridge, Director of Fantastic Festivals, will manage the Fantastic Festivals relationships with music educators and adjudicators. Inspire Arts & Music will bring bandwidth, resources and expertise to the backend experience, administration, marketing and growth while emphasizing the unique qualities and attributes of Fantastic Festivals. “Fantastic Festivals will continue to provide the highest quality music adjudications and assist Inspire Arts and Music in the expansion of Fantastic Festivals in Southern New England,” said Gary Partridge, Director of Fantastic Festivals. 

Gary Partridge, Director of Fantastic Festivals, and Chris Holland, COO of Inspire Arts & Music.

Gary is a career music educator and conductor. Now “retired”, Gary remains in demand as a mentor, clinician, and guest conductor. Gary retired from the award winning Music Program at Renbrook School in West Hartford and was the Director of Bands at Central Connecticut State University. He recently retired as the Conductor of Capitol Symphonic Winds at The Hartt School, University of Hartford.

“The scholastic festivals space is part of our non-profit mission and is near and dear to our heart. We take incredible pride and satisfaction in bringing a high quality performance experience and adjudication to music students and educators.” Chris Holland, Inspire Arts & Music, Chief Operating Officer. Inspire Arts & Music acquired Great East Music Festivals in 2014. Now in its 38th year of operation, Great East Music Festivals provides a scholastic festival experience to over 425 groups and 15,000 students annually. “I am very excited to work with Samantha Wade and Gary Partridge in the scholastic festivals space. This is part of our strategic, mission driven growth plan,” said Chris Holland.