Blessed Sacrament Colorguard


Blessed Sacrament and Inspire Arts & Music operate under an operating agreement. Blessed Sacrament is an independent 501(c)3 organization with a separate Board of Directors and Executive Director. Two members of the Blessed Sacrament Board sit on the IAM Board at large. Neither IAM nor Blessed Sacrament makes any representations or warranties for each other and assumes no liability for each other.

The Blessed Sacrament World Guard is an 11-time Eastern Massachusetts World Class Champion. SAC has been a Winter Guard International (WGI) World Class competitor for 36 of WGI’s 37-year existence and is a 36-time WGI World Class Regional champion. The World Guard entered the elite top-15 of WGI World Championships Finalists in 1980 and has maintained that distinction for the last 35 consecutive seasons — an unprecedented, unmatched and historical accomplishment in the winter guard activity.