NESBA and Inspire Announce Administrative Partnership

Effective immediately, the New England Scholastic Band Association (NESBA) and Inspire Arts & Music (IAM) have entered into a partnership where IAM will serve as the exclusive Administrative Partner of NESBA. 

In this partnership, NESBA will tap IAM’s administrative resources to improve user experience for participating ensembles and build long term sustainability. IAM will work alongside the NESBA Board of Directors and key administrators to install operational systems, streamline processes, improve efficiency, and upgrade marketing capacity, to create a better experience for band/guard directors and booster organizations. By boosting participation, sponsorships, and revenue, NESBA and IAM seek to increase participation and brand awareness with the goal to host larger events and secure larger venues. IAM will work to increase NESBA participation across the outdoor and indoor offerings, grow all NESBA events including outdoor and indoor championships, and look to create marquee events in great venues with top level adjudicators.

“As a music educator, and now in my capacity as COO of Inspire Arts & Music, I have always believed that the marching arts - bands, guards, percussion and winds - are integral parts of the community and provide critical offerings for students.” said Chris Holland, Chief Operations Officer of Inspire Arts & Music. “Inspire is excited and energized for this important partnership. IAM is well equipped to support and enhance all facets of the NESBA experience and we are excited to help NESBA thrive!” 

Both IAM and NESBA share similar missions. IAM currently operates the largest scholastic festival company in New England through Great East Music Festivals and Fantastic Festivals. These companies serve over 625 middle and high school concert bands, jazz bands, and choirs with enriching performance opportunities through 60 different competitive festivals each spring. Likewise, NESBA serves the finest marching bands, color guard, and percussion ensembles in New England with adjudicated indoor and outdoor performance series. Both organizations strive to provide a safe and educational atmosphere which fosters creativity, diversity, growth and achievement with long term sustainability. 

Both organizations recognize the unique attributes of NESBA’s member association model. It is critical to preserve the fundraising opportunities NESBA provides member groups while keeping expenses and participation costs low. By minimizing the financial barrier, NESBA and IAM hope to allow as many students and ensembles to participate as possible, in both the scholastic and independent classes. Both scholastic and independent organizations within NESBA and other affiliated pageantry organizations (WGI and DCI) need a platform to perform, cultivate membership, and grow participation. 

This new partnership will allow NESBA and IAM to work together to promote marching music, music education, indoor pageantry in the form of percussion, guard and winds throughout the New England region. Both organizations will remain independent 501(c)3 non-profits and the partnership agreement details responsibilities and opportunities for both organizations.

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